A new bowl

A site update was in order and in about a week's time (just before PAX Prime) I had rolled out version 2.0 of my brianfran.co site (of which it would be my 5th version if you count my previous mastastealth.com versions). Up till now however, my blog has solely resided in the depths of tumblr's servers, where a simple subdomain redirect pointed to a sporadically updated blog which originally was and would probably still primarily consist of doodles.

Considering this, as well as my desire to want to blog like a proper freelancer, I've decided to split off my Tumblr roots and put on some big boy Ghost pants to start fresh with a "real" blog. The old doodle blog will remain, under the new doodles.brianfran.co address.

My track record for blog maintenance is less than optimal, but I have taken serious measures to fix that. First off, I had to go ahead and buy some extra hosting, solely for the blog, as my main host does not have node.js (and therefore, doesn't support Ghost which I was adamant on using). So although $35/yr may be nothing in the long run, I rather not put those approximately-7-bowls-of-pineapple-chunks' worth of cash to waste.

Besides the technical aspect, I'm also aiming to fix the habitual issue. I like writing, but I don't do it enough. Ideally, I'd be blogging three times a week (one of which being a brief sort of post, most likely a commentary on some external article I've read). For now, the goal is weekly. For this, I have installed a trial (and will most likely end up buying a copy) of writr. It's clean, pretty, and has an interesting question dynamic that goes ahead and gives me something to write about every day. Theoretically if I can form a habit off this app, it should help with the blogging habit.

On top of that, writr is only available on Windows 8.1, which I originally had lamented until I realized I actually have 2 machines with it installed (a laptop and my Surface). With a mechanical keyboard as my primary typing device, I had no desire to use my laptop to write, and so I decided to use my handy buddy Synergy (which I also had to buy, as they moved from their donationware model) to do a little virtual KVM between my desktop and Surface.

From now on, every morning, I will prop up my Surface in from of my desktop and type away at whatever little question writr presents to me. As for this blog, I hope to fill it with more developer/designer/illustrator oriented rambles, with less rough sketches/doodles and more actual solid work I would actually want to present to someone.